Hello World!

So I’ve started working on this personal homepage of mine. It might be a little bare right now, but getting started with Hugo.io was a breeze. I had the theme’s example site up after 10 or 15 minutes tops. I did already have the domain set up and all, just no content behind it.

Theme still subject to change or modification.

[2019-10] Update:

I updated the theme. Initially I had used the pulp theme.

Now the landing page is the hallo theme that I forked and this main site is the even theme that I also forked for modifications. :)

TODO: add content…

So, my plan is to run some kind of personal blog here? For example I might very well do the thing anyone would do in this situation and start off describing the setup of this site itself. We’ll see.

I might also just use it to host tidbits here and there, small scripts and config files and what have you.


So there’s that.